Saturday, July 9, 2016

WSLA Dealing with predators in the pagan community

Recognizing and Dealing withPredators in the Pagan CommunitySunday, July 10, 2016
at the
Mercury Café 2199 California StreetDenver, CO 80205Doors open at 2:15pm, Forum from 2:30-5pm
In the interest of discussing tough topics with clear-eyed discernment and inviting all voices to be heard, WSLA is hosting a 3rd forum on Predators and Ethics.
Our community isn’t immune to people who habitually manipulate others - energetically, sexually, financially, or in other ways that betray trust.
At this gathering, we’d like to look specifically at what our shared ethical basis might be, and come up with some suggestions for recognizing inappropriate behavior, and for responding effectively to protect ourselves and better support each other.
What do healthy boundaries look like? How can we foster our own good boundaries and support those of others, especially among our young people? How do I feel supported in community – and not supported? Where do I feel I’m not being heard? Among genders, are we “hearing” each other clearly? If not, how can we improve communications?

There will be time to break out into smaller groups by gender to discuss these points.
This gathering is open to all in the Wiccan-Pagan community,whether or not you attended the previous forums.

Friday, July 1, 2016

House of Bast open house event (July 2 & 3 2016)

Cobalt blue ceramic ritual set (with mint herbs).
A quick reminder that House of Bast Art Studio--Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery, and Khari's Wiccan Treasures is having an Open House tomorrow and Sunday (July 2 & 3, 2016).

Khari will have pottery for sale, will be giving pottery throwing demos, offering pottery lessons, and there will be a Kid's Clay Korner.

House of Bast—2727 Cook St., Denver, Colorado USA.
Studio is located on the south side next to the alley.
Phone number 303-815-8211.

The hours will be 11 am to 6 pm on Saturday, July 2nd, and 12 pm to 6pm on Sunday.

Pottery lessons will be from 1 to 5 pm each day. Come see our studio!

Etsy shops:
Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery
Khari's Wiccan Treasures

Facebook pages:
Celtic Soul Jewelry and Pottery
Khari's Wiccan Treasures